Vintage & Cork Wine Club: The Best Pairing


Personalized wine locker, exclusive pricing and discounts, access to rare wines, and more!


Become a Wine Club Member

Wine culture runs deep here at Vintage and Cork (as you might have guessed from our restaurant names)! To share our passion with fellow wine enthusiasts like you, we have created a club with wine storage lockers, bottles of our favorite wines, and access to wines that are hard to find in stores.

Whether you are new to wine or a connoisseur, you will enjoy the perks of our Wine Club.

Enjoy a range of benefits when you join the Vintage & Cork Wine Club

  • A personalized wine locker to store up to 12 bottles
  • Access to premium and rare wines and exclusive wine pricing
  • One complimentary featured bottle of wine each month
  • Preferred bottle pricing on more than 200 wines
  • No corkage fees for wine purchased from Cork or Vintage and $25 corkage fees for outside wines

Limited availability – Only $25 per month!

Get 2 months free with annual purchase of $250.

Wine Club Application

Wine Club Application

Wine Club Application

To sign up for Wine Club, please complete the application below. Once we’ve processed your application and confirmed wine locker availability, a manager will reach out to verify your information, process payment, and answer any questions you have.

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